America’s Mental Giants Reflect on MS Senate Race


In several short weeks April and I will call the Magnolia State our home. As such, I have been paying extremely close attention to the exciting action taking place in Mississippi politics over the past few months since the state’s United States Senate race has been one of the most contentious in the nation.

After a bruising Republican primary season, incumbent Senator Thad Cochran was thrust into a head-to-head runoff with state Senator Chris McDaniel, a Tea Party acolyte with some strange affiliations and a few controversial associates. Despite finishing second to the forty-something McDaniel in the June 3 primary, the 76 year old Cochran prevailed in the June 24 runoff election with the help of a coalition of regular Republicans, African American Democrats, and Brett Favre. Although official tallies show that Cochran is leading by almost 6,700 votes, McDaniel has refused to concede.

In the twelve hours since Cochran was declared the winner, I went against my better judgment and perused the comment sections of the Facebook and web pages of a number of news outlets which had covered the heated Mississippi race. As I was scanning through these postings, I realized that this race has truly done wonders for bringing out the worst in American political discourse.

Without further ado, I present an assortment of comments—some anonymous and some attributed to actual individuals—posted in reaction to the Cochran/McDaniel contest. With the exception of quotation marks, none of the comments below have been edited. Each of them should be enough to make us pray for an infusion of critical thinking skills among the internet’s political punditry.



National Journal (Facebook page)

Doug Schexnayder: “wrong….YOUR BOZOS’ status quo is >>> Monster gov-meant sucking up trillions. Gas, food and services up 2x, more people in poverty, lower wages/salaries, fewer jobs for college grads, rising college costs, 16+ million more on Food Stamps, 4x as many on Disability checks, 35% on full welfare for years on end, real jobless/inflation greater than under democrat Carter maliase, 17 trillion of debt, printing $85 billion monthly and every economic outlook predicting recession sliding into depression…

YET every day the arrogant apostles of toxic socialism and their blind hacks just keep boldly lying, smearing, demonizing and making fantasy promises!”

Dick Norton: “Old meatpole climber. Elected by Negroes.”


The Hill Newspaper (Facebook page)

Tim Osborne: “Wishing to follow the Constitution and Keep reading…

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