America’s Mental Giants Reflect on MS Senate Race

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In several short weeks April and I will call the Magnolia State our home. As such, I have been paying extremely close attention to the exciting action taking place in Mississippi politics over the past few months since the state’s United States Senate race has been one of the most contentious in the nation.

After a bruising Republican primary season, incumbent Senator Thad Cochran was thrust into a head-to-head runoff with state Senator Chris McDaniel, a Tea Party acolyte with some strange affiliations and a few controversial associates. Despite finishing second to the forty-something McDaniel in the June 3 primary, the 76 year old Cochran prevailed in the June 24 runoff election with the help of a coalition of regular Republicans, African American Democrats, and Brett Favre. Although official tallies show that Cochran is leading by almost 6,700 votes, McDaniel has refused to concede.

In the twelve hours since Cochran was declared the winner, I went against my better judgment and perused the comment sections of the Facebook and web pages of a number of news outlets which had covered the heated Mississippi race. As I was scanning through these postings, I realized that this race has truly done wonders for bringing out the worst in American political discourse.

Without further ado, I present an assortment of comments—some anonymous and some attributed to actual individuals—posted in reaction to the Cochran/McDaniel contest. With the exception of quotation marks, none of the comments below have been edited. Each of them should be enough to make us pray for an infusion of critical thinking skills among the internet’s political punditry.



National Journal (Facebook page)

Doug Schexnayder: “wrong….YOUR BOZOS’ status quo is >>> Monster gov-meant sucking up trillions. Gas, food and services up 2x, more people in poverty, lower wages/salaries, fewer jobs for college grads, rising college costs, 16+ million more on Food Stamps, 4x as many on Disability checks, 35% on full welfare for years on end, real jobless/inflation greater than under democrat Carter maliase, 17 trillion of debt, printing $85 billion monthly and every economic outlook predicting recession sliding into depression…

YET every day the arrogant apostles of toxic socialism and their blind hacks just keep boldly lying, smearing, demonizing and making fantasy promises!”

Dick Norton: “Old meatpole climber. Elected by Negroes.”


The Hill Newspaper (Facebook page)

Tim Osborne: “Wishing to follow the Constitution and be fiscally responsible is radical. But not in the USA.”

Roger Peck: “Love to see what part of voter fraud played in this one with the Democratic turnout for Cochran, showed his true colors.”

Pamela Moen: “The so-called supprt came from dirty tricks ala Rove, Mccain, and the RNC. Maybe the old f**k will have an embolism. Those blacks won’t vote for another Republican. Shameful, mississippi. Thought you’d get your ass off the plantation by now and think for yourself”

Lou Mendez: “Black democRATS voting for this ole white senile man….????…

Go figure….”

Michael Hunt: “And this is also why Mississippi is the shithole it is despite being ‘Republican’ the old white men running it are really liberal progressives at heart.”

Sarah Webb: “Those niggas were paid to vote for this thief.”

Terry Inman Sr: “Commie influence.”


Breitbart News Network (Facebook page)

Erik Keller: “The old fuck had to go. Do people not realize when these scumbags promise better education more pork, take care of the poor. The list goes on and on. That their taxes just keep goin up. Wake the fuck up America! Time for term limits and no pension for life just because you worked on DC”

Kelli Rush Hood: “He paid for the black democrats to vote and bussed them in…”

Scott Morris: “godless RINO wins again….sick.”

Tom Dittrich: “COCKROACH ran his campaign like a racist KKK-crat!!!!!!! – We need a 3rd Party Constitution Party!!!”

Kent Klinger: “Voted For Raising Debt Ceilings and A Bad Budget Deal ending Sequestration helps Parasite Class receive more Entitlements. No surprise who helped out . Negro.”

Sonia Lenny: “Fraudulently I’m sure. It’s obvious how he won. The same people who counted Osama’s votes counted Cochran’s.”


Breitbart News Network (web page comments)

ImMike Spike: “Where is the British Cultural Heritage Month? This is Asian American month. We have an African- American month to study the contributions they have made.”

deathmerchant: “Seriously?? Anything is better than a GD communist!!!”

DavidP: “The slavery issue was nothing but a political sideshow by abolitionists of the time. Those who believe that nonsense are the same ilk and mindset to believe Benghazi was sparked by a stupid video.”


Fox News (web page comments)

lesgubment: They had to pay blacks to vote…..imagine that!”

MarkO5:  “Cochoran elected by DEMOCRATS and welfare bums.”

bulldog2221: “Cochran won by advertising himself as a double agent, opening himself to the well-greased Dimocrat voting machine which chugs along to the rhythm of ‘Free Stuff.”


Glenn Beck’s The Blaze (web page comments)

RedDawning: “The establishment just put us on notice that they intend to throw the midterms in November. It’s difficult to know who hates conservative Christians more, Zero’s puppetmasters or the GOP.”

Indy Guy: “Democrat=Commie Scum  Cochran=Commie Scum Buddy”

Proverbs17-12NLT: “Absolutely everything that has to do with democrat politics has become Lawless and Immoral…………Stock up on Guns and Ammo, Patriots.”

Floc:  “McDaniels shouldn’t conceded….Cochran won by using the Democrat unions and Blacks …he is a RINO and the people voted overwhelmingly for Chris.”


The Hill (web page)

bask_score:  “Masterful use of the plantation whip there, Cochran and establishment Republicans. Just top it off with an all-establishment Hill rendition of “We Shall Overcome,” though I prefer the Mahalia Jackson version myself.”

M_J_S: “ Blacks voted against dems? Last I checked they were too stupid and and addicted to welfare and victim mentality to do that.”

Lord Helmet: “Democrats have done what they have done for decades; stuff ballot boxes. Their machine knows how to cheat and has perfected the art in order to get Barack Hussein Obama illegally installed twice, not to mention JFK in 1960 when the Chicago machine and the mob ‘made sure’ that he ‘won’.”


The Clarion Ledger (web page comment section)

Toni Sicilian: “And you black Mississippians deserve to be overrun with illegal aliens who will take your jobs as soon as Cochran fulfills his promise to the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business to vote for Amnesty! You will be over run with them and all the poor diseased children that the wonderful black president is allowing into our country! You all have been blind to his color and think he is wonderful….keep your blinders on and see where that gets you. BY THE WAY, IT WAS REPUBLICANS THAT FREED THE SLAVES AND FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR AND THE REPUBLICANS WHO FOUGHT FOR CIVIL RIGHTS AND IT WAS THE REPUBLICANS WHO FOUGHT TO ABOLISH SEGREGATION IN AMERICA! IT WAS THE REPUBLICANS WHO ABOLISHED THE POLE TAX! NOT THE DEMOCRATS …THEY WERE AGAINST BLACKS IN AMERICA….LOOK IT UP!”

Olen Brewer: “Best election money can buy….if you can’t get enough conservatives to vote for you, then just pay the liberals their usual ‘walkin’ ’round money for their vote.

If we find that the (mostly) Black democrats who carried out their paid assignment and voted for Thad were ‘ineligible’ then it’s a who new ball game.”


The Clarion Ledger (Facebook comments)

Marcele Robertson: “The USA needs to turn back to God before it is too late.”

Angelo Peña: “According to Fox, 3 million Demoncrats crossed over and voted for Thad Cochran tonight. Apparently Obummer had some illegals and other dark skinned people bussed in to vote for Cochran.”

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  1. Bob says:

    Oh, Boy! There is so much hate in America. These comments could have been made in Westmoreland and Washington Co. PA!

  2. Dindtha says:

    I recently read the School Library Journal arlctie, titled He’s Got Your Back, about Senator Jack Reed and his mission to introduce specific language into current ESEA legislation that would require school libraries to be staffed by a state certified or licensed librarian in order for dedicated funding to go out to the schools. I am a certified school librarian in central Texas, and this addition of language cannot come fast enough. School library doors are closing at least part-time in the name of budget cuts, and these closures are sending a message to students that reading, research, and the ability to discern and make quality judgements about sources of information are not as important as other school programs that are being funded and kept open. It is critical that our profession rally together to try to get language into legislation that will support school library programs before our student’s freedoms and rights to fair and equitable education are significantly impacted by the cuts to school library funding and staffing.

  3. Nozawa says:

    Chris, we’ll have to disagree on this one. There is NO resaon to increase the debt limit. I stand entirely and irrevocably against any increase in the debt. Our problem is spending, not income. The feds are experiencing the highest amount of tax income in our nation’s history. The Tea Party has asked only for fiscal responsibility. Laying blame upon them for any irrevocable harm is unrealistic and is simply an expression of your misunderstanding of our current economic woes. As for old news, I must confess that I did NOT know that the August deal gave Mr. Obama the power to raise the debt further. I’d plead stupidity except for one thing: the laws passed by Congress are so dense that even the members of that once august body don’t read them closely!

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