Shrader’s Official 2016 MLB Predictions: Big Papi Edition

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This baseball season begins on both an exciting and somber note. The 2016 season will be the last hurrah for David Ortiz, who for me has perhaps been the most exciting baseball player and personality of my lifetime. Although he debuted with the Twins in 1997, I first discovered Big Papi in 2003 when he joined the Red Sox. This was in part due to my earlier lack of interest in and lack of access to regular TV and radio coverage of American League baseball other than what was happening in Boston and New York.

Papi has given his fans much to appreciate over the years, both on and off the field. His colossal personality has helped inspire and guide Boston to three World Series victories following the well-documented 86 year drought. In my mind, Big Papi provided the leadership that helped the Red Sox “reverse the curse” in 2004, bury the curse in 2007, and completely forget about it in 2013. I am certainly looking forward to watching how things play out this season, but recognize that summers will not be the same beginning 12 months from now.

Without further bloviation, I offer my official predictions for 2016 and look forward to your comments!

American Leagueimage1


  1. Red Sox
  2. Yankees
  3. Blue Jays
  4. Rays
  5. Orioles


  1. Royals
  2. White Sox
  3. Tigers
  4. Indians
  5. Twins


  1. Rangers
  2. Astros
  3. Angels
  4. Mariners
  5. Athletics


Astros, Yankees



National League


  1. Mets
  2. Nationals
  3. Marlins
  4. Braves
  5. Phillies


  1. Cubs
  2. Pirates
  3. Cardinals
  4. Reds
  5. Brewers


  1. Giants
  2. Diamondbacks
  3. Dodgers
  4. Padres
  5. Rockies


Pirates, Diamondbacks

World Series

Giants over Astros

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