Official Shrader 2014 MLB Predictions!

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Here is a story I first heard told by Studs Terkel that fits nicely with the ritual that is Opening Day.

Back in the era just before and after World War II baseball was the most popular thing in America. Most big cities—which happened to be cities with major league clubs—were full of immigrant families and people of all walks of life who were obsessed with baseball. There was this one Boston Irishman who was such an obsessed baseball fan that the game was all he would discuss with his pals. Eventually, one of his friends told him that his fixation had gone too far.

To prove his point, the friend asked the baseball-loving Irishman to imagine that he was out for a boat ride on the Charles with his father and Ted Williams. All of a sudden, the boat sprung a leak and started sinking. Discovering that there was only one life preserver aboard, would he throw it to Ted Williams or to his own father?

Without hesitating, the Irishman replied: “Are you kidding me? My father could barely hit .200!”

The point of the story is this: professional baseball is America’s game and it has been for more than a century. The 2013 season was perhaps the most memorable, entertaining, and masterfully played that I have ever seen since I started following our national pastime around 1987. Based on what I have been seeing thus far from clubs around the country, there is an outstanding chance that 2014 will be even greater. Let’s play ball!

With that said, I am pleased to present Nathan R. Shrader’s Official 2014 Major League Baseball Predictions:


American League

East:   Red Sox

Central:   Tigers

West:   Athletics

Wild Card: Rays and Indians


National League

East:   Nationals

Central:   Cardinals

West:   Dodgers

Wild Card:   Pirates and Braves


AL Championship Game

Red Sox over Athletics


NL Championship Game

Cardinals over Pirates


World Series 2014

Red Sox over Cardinals (Play it again, Sam)

Some other assorted predictions:

  • The Phillies will win 71 games. After a 12 game losing streak, Ryne Sandberg will be replaced by Charlie Manuel on August 1. Fans will start a petition to fire Ruben Amaro, Jr. and insist that Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs leave the broadcast booth to instead take up regular roster positions.
  • The Pirates will win 92 games, a slight regression from the 94 they won last season. This will not be enough to keep them from the playoffs.
  • The New York Yankees will finish in fourth place in the American League East and a total of 15 games out of first place. Derek Jeter’s nostalgic last hurrah will at least allow the Bombers to pack their ballpark with diehard fans.

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